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The 6-Week Challenge

The 6-Week Weightloss Challenge 

Only $19.99

About the Program

6 Weeks, 5 Days Per Week

Workout Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Home Workout Program with Dumbbells

My 6-Week program is designed to help you build consistency and to teach you all about resistance training and build your foundation.  It will help you get strong, create lean muscle, and lose body fat, while also working on mobility. 

Why Is It Called a Challenge? 

The Challenge is within yourself. I challenge you to do better, be better. To you that could mean more consistent workouts, healthier food choices, moving better, or all of the above. It is important to know that the challenge is not a competition amongst other Challengers. It's quite the opposite. The Challengers are part of your team. They will provide support, motivation, & accountability. 

Every Challenge Needs A Winner!

 I know, I know! But, gaining your health and making this your lifestyle, will help you “win” in everything you do. I would like to get to know all of the Challengers through our Facebook Private Group ( so please be sure to find me on Facebook and join.  But, I will select the Challenger who has shown dedication to the Challenge and send you a special gift. 

As a special request, I would love a post on Instagram about your experience at the completion of the Challenge. I want to hear all about it so please tag me @Marisol_Fit_Inspire and use the hashtag #6weekchallengewithMarisol


This is Beverly. She is the winner of the first  6-Week Challenge. She followed the program, changed her nutrition, and drank more water. She said, she has more energy and feels amazing! She has now continued her training and is getting stronger and healthier everyday.


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